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General Guidelines for Nominees:

  • Players must be retired from the highest level of play available at the time of their play: Pro Leagues (MLS and A Leagues), U.S.National Team, National Championships won. Additional criteria will be All-American, Player of the Year, and other soccer records, etc.
  • Coaches must have longevity of service for at least ten years and will be based on championships and players developed.
  • Referees must be retired from the top level of service for ten years and have had a positive impact on the game.
  • Administrators must have minimum of ten years of service to the game and have had a positive impact on the game. 
  • Media must have actively covered the game for a minimum of ten years of service.
  • All nominations need to have had an extensive soccer career in CT, in Pro, National Team, College, Amateur, Youth.

The Nominee Is/Was Primarily (MARK ONE):

Administrator ____ Referee ____   Coach ____  Media____ Player ____  Other ____
Summary of Outstanding Accomplishments: (Supportive materials must accompany nomination form in order to be considered. Please include shoulder picture if possible).

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